Budget amendments

Here is a list of all the budget amendments I have sponsored or co-sponsored. There may be a few late file amendments that are missing when the list was run but it should be pretty complete otherwise.

 Amendment No.     Title     Sponsor Type
220 An Amendment Relative to Equitable Cell Phone Taxation    Primary Sponsor
230 An Amendment to Reduce the Annual Filing Fee for Small Limited Liability Companies    Primary Sponsor
239 An Amendment Relative to Freezing Property Taxes for Senior Citizens    Primary Sponsor
279 An Amendment Relative to a Meals Tax Break    Primary Sponsor
300 An Amendment Relative to Tax Abatements for Disabled Veterans    Primary Sponsor
353 Elder Protective Services    Primary Sponsor
436 State Aid to Public Libraries    Primary Sponsor
735 Plymouth County Freshwater Dredging Equipment Acquisition    Primary Sponsor
72 An amendment to fund Regional School Transportation    Co-Sponsor
148 Special Ed Circuit Breaker Funding    Co-Sponsor
160 Council on Aging Formula Grant    Co-Sponsor
163 Regional North River Commission funding    Co-Sponsor
181 State Aid to Public Libraries    Co-Sponsor
211 Plymouth County Dredge for Ocean Sediments    Co-Sponsor
306 Family Planning Amendment    Co-Sponsor
382 Homeless Student Transportation    Co-Sponsor
394 Statewide AP Mass. Math and Science Initiative (MMSI)    Co-Sponsor
440 State scholarships/financial aid    Co-Sponsor
442 An Act Relative to Fully Fund Target Share    Co-Sponsor
444 An Act Relative to Target Share    Co-Sponsor
456 Bristol & Plymouth County Mosquito Control Projects    Co-Sponsor
462 Salary Reserve    Co-Sponsor
478 Regional Economic Development Grants    Co-Sponsor
480 State Aid to Public Libraries    Co-Sponsor
548 Massachusetts Cultural Council    Co-Sponsor
554 EI Amendment    Co-Sponsor
565 School-to-Career Connecting Activities    Co-Sponsor
645 Funding tobacco cessation and prevention    Co-Sponsor
652 Child Rate Reserve Amendment    Co-Sponsor
680 Tax Amnesty    Co-Sponsor
752 DPS Piping Inspectors    Co-Sponsor
796 Coastal and Shorefront Infrastructure Fund    Co-Sponsor
822 Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment for students with disabilities    Co-Sponsor
824 Massachusetts School Nurse Organization    Co-Sponsor
831 An amendment to create 56,400 new jobs for only a $262 investment per job    Co-Sponsor
839 Buy Local Amendment    Co-Sponsor
853 DDS Turning 22    Co-Sponsor
874 Chapter 70 Funding    Co-Sponsor

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