Duxbury Memorial Day Essay Contest

Are you a high school student interested in writing and memorial day? Are you looking for possible scholarship's as you approach college?

Attention all High School Students

Memorial Day Essay Contest

The essay contest is open to all High School students who attend Duxbury High School, and to all Duxbury Residents who attend High Schools other than DHS.

The purpose of the contest is to:

  • Incentivize students to attend the Memorial Day Parade & subsequent Memorial Service;
  • Educate the students in both English Composition and American History;
  • Raise student awareness of the day's importance as the National Holiday that commemorates all Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice in giving their lives in defense of our Country.

The winning essay, at minimum, should address the following:

  • The history of Memorial Day;
  • One "particular" the writer learned from the 'keynote' speaker;
  • What Memorial Day now means to the writer.

This essay should be at least 500 words long, and not more than 1,000 words.

The contest winner will be announced on Independence Day (July 4th) and subsequently published in the Duxbury Clipper.

The Grand Prize will be a One Thousand Dollar ($1,000) scholarship... AND a Certificate of Achievement from the American Legion (suitable for framing AND to reference on college or Job applications).

How to submit you essay:

Your essay must be submitted by midnight on the last day of school (this year 21 June 2017).

  1. You may email your essay -- as a Microsoft Word document OR a PDF file -- to: joseph.schellings@Verizon.net. You should also send a copy of your submission to: duxmag72@hotmail.com
  2. You may mail a copy of your submission by USPS to: Mr. Joseph A Schelling, 115 Bay Vieww Road Duxbury, Massachusetts 02332
  3. You may drop off a copy of your essay in the Duxbury High School Assistant Principal's Office: Mr. Joseph Scozzaro 71 Alden Street Duxbury, Massachusetts 02332

Any questions about any of the above should be directed to: Joseph A. ("Joe") Schellings

781-934-7418 (Home Phone)

774-432-7660 (Cell Phone)






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