Issues and Legislation

Rep. Cutler's maiden speech on senior center grants (2013)

Rep. Cutler has been hard at work on a range of issues since he was first elected to represent the Sixth Plymouth District. Among his priorities are renewable energy, economic development and education. During his career Josh has always worked to stand up for those who need a voice, including our seniors, veterans and persons with disabilities.

Below please find a list of initiatives Rep. Cutler has worked on by policy area. This is by no means an exhaustive list so if you are interested in a particular issue and want to know more please contact our office. Additional info is also post to our blog page. One of the things Rep. Cutler most enjoys about his position is always learning new things and finding new issues to work on or problems to solve. We encourage you to reach out and share your ideas and let us know what your own priorities are.

Labor & Workforce Development

Advocating for Persons with Disabilities

Rep. Cutler speaks on COVID sick leave and UI funding legislation (2021)

Rep. Cutler speaks on labor and workforce development budget (2021)

Rep. Cutler speaks on UI rate freeze (2021)

Rep. Cutler speaks on Energy SAVE Act (2020)

Economic Development

Rep. Cutler speaks on disability commission (2020)

PANS/PANDAS legislation

Senior & Veteran Issues

Rep. Cutler speaks in support of Nicky's Law (2020)

Rep. Cutler speaks in support of legislation to end so called "conversion therapy". (2019)

Rep. Cutler speaks on Energy SAVE Act (2018)

Public Health & Opiate Crisis

Energy, Environment & Climate Change

Josh believes renewable energy and green jobs should be as vital a cog in our state’s economy as health care, higher education or biotech.

Rep. Cutler speaks on substance abuse bill (2016)

Rep. Cutler calls for restoration of weekend commuter rail service for the South Shore (2014)

Rep. Cutler speaks in support of legislation to establish early voting

Rep. Cutler speaks on flood insurance relief (2014)

Consumer Protection

Nuclear Power Plant safety