MassDEP Sustainable Materials Recovery Program - Grant Awards

I am pleased to announce that $4.2 million in grant funding was awarded to 270 municipalities and regional solid waste districts across the Commonwealth including the towns of Hanson, Pembroke, Halifax, Duxbury, & Marshfield. The grants, made available through the Sustainable Materials Recovery Program (SMRP), will help communities maximize their recycling, composting, and waste reduction programs.

The details regarding the programs and grant amounts are listed below:

Hanson: The Recycling Dividends Program - $10,800

Pembroke: The Recycling Dividends Program - $12,100

Halifax: The Recycling Dividends Program - $7,200

Duxbury: The Recycling Dividends Program - $15,400

Marshfield: The Recycling Dividends Program - $23,400

The full list of 270 awardees and more information on SMRP, the Solid Waste Master Plan, and recycling and solid waste programming can be found on MassDEP’s website.


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