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MBTA Red Line Stations

I would like to share that the MBTA Red Line will be shut down this weekend for the entire service day Saturday & Sunday beginning at 5 AM, due to emergency repairs at JFK and Savin Hill.

All passengers on the Red Line from Braintree to JFK will be shuttle-bussed, as well as Ashmont to the JFK branch and the Commuter Rail. All tracks that converge under the bridge from JFK South will be shuttle-bussed this weekend. All Commuter rails will derail at Braintree, and any passengers looking to go further into the city will be on Shuttle Buses to JFK.

These repairs will take place this weekend Saturday & Sunday 12/3/22 and 12/4/22, and there potentially may be follow-up diversions in the next coming weeks.

Columbia Road and Sydney Street entrances to JFK/UMass are closed until further notice. Please enter through Old Colony Ave/busway.


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