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Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program Awards

Congratulations to Duxbury, Hanson, and Pembroke for receiving awards from the 2022 Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program. Administered by the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) and its Office of Municipal and School Technology (OMST), this program will provide critical cybersecurity training to better detect and avoid cyber threats.

The 2022 Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program, which is funded by $250,000 in capital IT authorizations from the 2020 General Governmental Bond Bill, is designed to support local government efforts to improve overall cybersecurity posture through comprehensive online end-user training, evaluation and threat simulation. Awarded communities will receive licenses for end-user training, assessment and phishing simulation procured by the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security. Demonstrated buy-in from the Chief Executive in the community is a requirement of all program participants.

Municipality/ Public School District

Scope of Grant

School District Name (if applicable)

Number of Employees to be Trained

​Duxbury, Town of

​Town & School

​Duxbury Public Schools


Hanson, Town of

​City/Town only


​Pembroke, Town of

​City/Town only



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