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Whitman-Hanson Awarded FY24 Innovation Pathways Implementation & Support Grant

I am pleased to share that the Whitman-Hanson Regional School District has been awarded $75,000 for the FY24 Innovation Pathways Implementation and Support Grant. The grant aims to provide Innovation Career Pathway program implementation resources to an LEA who has achieved Innovation Career Pathway designation from DESE since 2018.

This grant program will support designees in the execution of their approved designation plan such that the Innovation Career Pathway program meets all criteria requirements. The priority of the grant is to help appointees in the execution of their approved designation plan such that the Innovation Pathway program meets all criteria requirements. Innovation Career Pathways are designed to give students coursework and experience in a specific high-demand industry, such as information technology, engineering, healthcare, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing.

Innovation Pathways programs are rooted in five guiding principles: Equitable Access, Guided Academic Pathways, Enhanced Student Support, Connection to Career, and Effective Partnerships. To achieve these principles, schools leverage strong partnerships with employers to provide students with career awareness and work-based learning experiences. In a designated Innovation Pathway, students participate in a defined series of courses and experiences that connect student learning to a broadly defined industry sector and guide students to relevant postsecondary education and training that lead to opportunities for meaningful careers in an industry sector.

For more information, please see the RFP at:


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