Sixth Plymouth District Student Art Show Winners

Sixth Plymouth District Student Art Show Winners


Elizabeth Sheehan - Duxbury



Best In Show

First – Drawing/Sketch

Judges’ Comments:

Lifelike image

“Beautiful leopard. Great markings. Fur looks soft. Beautifully framed.”

“Beautiful use of materials. Especially love the richness in the background.”

“Love use of neutrals.”

“Realistic definition and coloring.”

“Excellent use of color. Successful application of medium.”


Riley Hoff - Duxbury

Front Porch


Second – Drawing/Sketch

Judges’ Comments:

“Very well done textures. Good drawing skills.”

“Amazing technical skill, creative value and texture. Well rendered.”

“Well executed. My runner up to best of show. Subtle and cohesive.”

“Well done. Nice attention to detail.”

“Nice attention to detail.”


Miranda Gaquin - Whitman



Third – Drawing/Sketch

Judges’ Comments:

“Fun friends.  Great hair! I like the background text.”

“Nice value range and technique. Expressions are fabulous.”

“Fun, playful piece.”

“Spirited. Great work.”

“Love the emotion and personality.”


Spirit of Nature


Honorable Mention - Painting

Judges’ Comments:

“Interesting Sci-Fi space created. I like the reflections.”

“My best of show! Love this. Usual, beautiful, yet dark. Intriguing.”


Mikaela Burow - Whitman

Lake at Dusk


First – Painting

Judges’ Comments:

“Captured sunset”

“Beautiful use of color and texture. Love the water shine.”

“Traditional. Economy of colors lovely.”

“Beautiful job with reflections.”


Brittany Lynch - Hanson



Second – Painting

Judges’ Comments:

“The water is so clear and icy cold.”

“Contrast between the texture of the foreground and smoothness of the sky makes me pause and wonder! Nice play in style.”

“Captures airiness of scene. Crisp waves.”

“Good color and depth.”


Hailey Hennessey - Hanson

Ephemeral Air


Third (tie) – Painting

Judges’ Comments:

“Great brush strokes.”

“Great colors and dimension.”


Alyssa Johnson - Whitman

Under Appreciated


Third (tie) – Painting

Judges’ Comments:

“Great detail”

“Love the added detail of the bee.”


Max Burgess - Duxbury



First - Photography

Judges’ Comments:

Texture in photo

“The textures and colors attract attention. Good composition.”

“Interesting to abstraction.”

“Contrasting motion vs. statute. Strong color.”

“Art in motion. Nice color.”

“The color and motion in the water is beautiful.”


Hannah Kemmett - Hanson

That was Then


Second - Photography

Judges’ Comments:


“Composition attracts, graffiti hold the interest.”

“The color and light is fantastic.”


Connor O’Brien - Duxbury

Armory – the Ruins


Third - Photography

Judges’ Comments:

“The rhythm of the columns pulls the eye in towards the door.”

“Nicely framed. Texture with a surprise!”

“Composition and use of neutrals make sparse color gem-like.”

“Very cool perspective and capturing of light.”


Charlotte Bosworth - Pembroke

Bryce Canyon National Park


Honorable Mention – Photography

Judges’ Comments:

“Traditional and well executed.”

“Makes me feel like I’m there!”

“I really enjoy the different textures of the rocks and trees.”


Jonas Patrolia - Duxbury


Mixed Media

First – Mixed Media

Judges’ Comments:

Very interesting

“Great image of conductor materializes from smokd. Nice job.”

“Strong design. Economy of color!”

“Nicely done!”

“Cool gradient effect with the graphic lines.”


Erin O’Leary - Pembroke

Snake in Hat

Mixed Media

Second – Mixed Media

Judges’ Comments:

“Well done relief. The snake is fun and good shape.”

“Humorous. Interesting choice of materials.”

“Great mix of textures.”

“Love the narrative quality.”


Rilee Ellis - Pembroke

World Love

Mixed Media

Third (tie) – Mixed Media

Judges’ Comments:

“Well put together”

“Love textural aspect. True mixed media.”

“Sends a powerful message.”

“Excellent use of photoshop and color.”


Carson Hunt - Duxbury


Mixed Media

Third (tie) – Mixed Media

Judges’ Comments:

Creative color.

“Good composition. Moves eye from dandelion to moon and back.”


“Well presented.”

“Love the use of space and creation of perspective.”


Madeline Blandino - Pembroke

I Just Wanted to be Your Friend

Mixed Media

Honorable Mention – Mixed Media

Judges’ Comments:

“The eyes grab your attention. The glitter add to it.”

“Personal, confrontational scale.”

“Interesting and bold.”

“Love the variety of mediums that were used.”

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