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Our Student Artists

Anthony Amatucci
Pembroke, Grade 12
drawing/pastel: Multi-colored Segments
drawing/pastel: “Hurt” Johnny Cash

Tyler Bird
Pembroke, Grade 11
drawing/pastel: Tiger Scratch Board

Hannah  Burns

Pembroke, Grade 12
drawing/pastel: Apples

Alexandra Diamond
Duxbury, Grade 9

Danielle Dupuis
Pembroke, Grade 12
mixed media/digital: Scituate Harbor
mixed media/digital: Tomato

Jared Hagan

Pembroke, Grade 11
mixed media/digital:  Nature’s Promise

Jackson Haley
Pembroke, Grade 12
mixed media/digital: She Makes the 
Sound the Sea Makes
photography: Electric Lights 
Carry the Night
photography: Disc Drops

Riley Hoff
Duxbury, Grade 11
mixed media/digital:  Life in a Dream

Hannah Kemmett
Hanson, Grade 11
photography: Serenity
photography: Reflection
photography: Contemplation

Courtney MacFadgen
Pembroke, Grade 12
mixed media/digital: The House Cat
mixed media/digital: Neon Safari

Justin Mattinson
Pembroke, Grade 12
drawing/pastel: Scratchboard Tiger

Laura Martynowski
Pembroke, Grade 12
mixed media/digital:  Riding with Colors
mixed media/digital: Lemon Observation

Anne Marie McCluskey

Duxbury, Grade 12
drawing/pastel: Duxbury Beach Through 
My Rear View Window

Emma McFadden
Pembroke, Grade 10
drawing/pastel: The World is in Our Hands
drawing/pastel: Ode to Cubism
painting: Mustang Fever

Caroline O’Connor

Duxbury, Grade 12
drawing/pastel: Cola Reflections

Erin O’Leary
Pembroke, Grade 10
painting: Ezekial
painting: Self Portrait

Sophie Rogerson
Duxbury, Grade 11
drawing/pastel: Reflection of Beauty

Samantha Stillman
Duxbury, Grade 12
drawing/pastel: Typewriter

Daniel Sheehan
Pembroke, Grade 12
mixed media/digital: Someday…

Olivia Tagliente
Hanson, Grade 12
drawing pastel: Horse & Rider (Self Portrait)
painting: Dark Clown

Rachel Tierney
Duxbury, Grade 11
drawing/pastel: Bags

Danielle Tom
Pembroke, Grade 12
drawing/pastel: Buds 4 Life

Caitlin Turok
Duxbury, Grade 12
painting:  Waterfall

Amy Vidaic
Pembroke, Grade 12
drawing/pastel: Untitled
drawing/pastel: Woman by Stained 
Glass Window
painting: My Bedside Table

Madison Wheeler
Hanson, Grade 12
painting: Crow and Butterfly


Awards - Photography

First Place 
“Electric Lights Carry the Night” by Jackson Haley
Judges comments:  “The bold composition is immediate in this piece which is both narrative and abstract. Very sophisticated, layered imagery create an emotionally charged image .... the use of headlights to create the energetic lines was very creative ... this becomes a compelling abstraction and I like the contrast between the yellows and blues.”

Second Place
“Reflection” by Hannah Kemmett
Judges comments:  “Great composition, nice study of different materials.”

Awards - Painting

First Place & Best in Show
“My Bedside Table” by Amy Vidaic
Judges comments:  “The rendering of this still life is masterful. The artist successfully represents difficult objects is no small feat and shows a high level of skill .... excellent attention to detail. Strong highlights and shadows help to display the texture and reflective quality of the objects ... stunning rendering of materials and nice composition.”

Second Place
“Dark Clown” by Olivia Tagliente
Judges comments:  “Striking images, makes me smile...feels strong like your own very personal style, almost a poster image or CD jacket.”

Honorable Mention
“Self Portrait” by Erin O’Leary 
Judges comments:  “Quirky, fun image. I like the unconventional lighting and angle. Keep this spirit going in your work and continue to work on brush handling and you’ll really grow!”

Awards - Drawing & Pastel

First Place
“Cola Reflections” by Caroline O’Connor
Judges comments:  “Reflections on the glass surfaces are very impressive ... the artist worked the medium to create a surface texture which is both traditional and contemporary. It transforms these everyday objects into something far more ... nice free marks and good rendering of reflections and different materials”

Second Place
“Hurt” Johnny Cash by Anthony Amatucci
Judges comments:  “Portraiture is probably the single most challenging task an artist faces. Not only is the physical likeness important, but the inner eye of the artists must convey the personality of the model.  Through the eyes and facial features this young artist displays an insight and sensitivity far beyond his years ... Shows an impressive use of highlights and shadows and almost creates a feeling of solitude as if the figure in the drawing holds a secret from the view.”

Third Place
“Reflection of Beauty” by Sophie Rogerson
Judges comments:  “Nice composition. Great coloring and shadowing in the skin tones”

Honorable Mention
“Scratchboard Tiger” by Justin Mattinson
Judges comments:  “Great handling of medium, love the perspective.”

Honorable Mention
“Tiger Scratch Board” by Tyler Bird
Judges comments:  “Great attention to detail and contrast.”

Awards - Mixed Media/Digital

First Place
“She Makes the Sound the Sea Makes” by Jackson Haley
Judges comments:  “Love the textural quality and tension achieved in this piece through layering of the various imagery, handwritten text and bold colors ... the artist achieves a fantastic layering effect using test, transparent watercolor and ink ... nice free background ... love the variation in the text sizes.”
Second Place
“Lemon Observation” by Laura Martynowski
Judges comments:  “Nice tonal work and a real brushwork feel.”
Third Place (tie)
“The House Cat” by Courtney MacFadgen 
Judges comments:  “Great character and beautiful ink-like marks ...this imaginative artist blended a wonderful fuzzy cat into a slick modern memorable design.”
Third Place (tie)
“Scituate Harbor” by Danielle Dupuis
Judges comments:  “Sophisticated vision of sky and structures of Scituate Harbor. The artist manipulates the scene to create a genuinely striking image.”
Honorable Mention
“Life in a Dream” by Riley Hoff
Honorable Mention
“Someday...” by Daniel Sheehan


Our Panel of Judges

Brian Lies, Artist & Illustrator

Brian Lies is the New York Times bestselling author and illustrator of “Bats at the Beach”,“Bats at the Library,” and “Bats at the Ball Game”. He has also been the author and/or illustrator of more than two dozen other books.  A graduate of Brown University, Brian lives in Duxbury with his wife, daughter and two cats.

Lance Keimig, Photographer

Lance Keimig is one of the leading night photographers in the country, having taught at New England School of Photography and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, as well as serving as curator at Harvard University’s Three Columns Gallery. Based in his Pembroke studio, Lance works with digital cameras and technology on a daily basis, but prefer working with film and gelatin silver paper in the traditional darkroom for most of his personal work.

Dana Bullock, Art Educator & Visual Artist

Dana Bullock is an art teacher at Pembroke High School where she designed and implemented the digital art program. Dana also works as a freelance artist, graphic designer and illustrator through her freelance company Dana Marie Designs. Her passion and focus is in creating custom illustrations, especially custom pet illustrations. She loves being able to show the true personality of customers furry friends.  

Jen Klein, Photographer

Jen Klein is a Duxbury author and photographer who specializes in hand printed lithographs of South Shore landmarks. Jen is a founding member of the Duxbury Art Boosters, which exists to promote and support visual arts in the Duxbury Public Schools.

Sandy Sweetser, Watercolor Artist

Sandy Sweeter is a long-time South Shore resident and operator of Sweetsers Antiques, Art and Garden. Her bright & upbeat watercolor paintings and greeting cards highlight local historical buildings, beaches and businesses.

Dan Vasconcellos, Illustrator & Designer

Dan Vasconcellos is a Pembroke-based professional illustrator and visual humorist whose whimsical caricatures, delightful drawings and humorous illustrations have been entertaining readers in major print and web publications including the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal and Outdoor Life magazine for more than 25 years.  

Sylvia Corwin, Art Educator

During her distinguished 35-year career as a high school art teacher and as New York University Supervisor of Art Student Teachers, Sylvia Corwin earned honors from National Art Education Association, The Bronx Museum of Art and the American Federation of Art. Sylvia is a tireless advocate for exemplary art and craft education and now resides at the Village at Duxbury.

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