Rep. Josh Cutler is Working for Pembroke, Duxbury & Hanson

Working together with his colleagues in the legislature and Governor Baker’s administration, Rep. Josh Cutler has helped our district in many ways:





Local Aid

Rep. Cutler voted for a balanced state budget with record amount of local aid, including $3.69M in unrestricted general aid for our district communities (an increase of 4.3%).


Road repairs

Road & Infrastructure funding

As member of House Bonding Committee, Rep. Cutler helped pass $200M transportation bond, which in turn provided $1,419,289 in local road funds for our district this year.




Chapter 70 School aid.

Rep. Cutler helped lead a bipartisan effort to change the Chapter 70 school aid formula, resulting in an additional $350,000 in school aid for our district.



Senior Center funding

As member of Elder Caucus, Rep. Cutler helped increase state funding for the Pembroke, Duxbury and Hanson Senior Centers by 11% by successfully advocating for change to COA formula grants.


Cultural Council funding

Cultural Council funding

Rep. Cutler voted to restore funding to Mass. Cultural Council line item which provided a total of $14,700 to the Pembroke, Duxbury and Hanson Cultural Councils for local cultural programming.



Pond Cleanup Funds

Rep. Cutler and his Senate colleagues secured funds in the state budget to help clean up our ponds, including alum treatment for blue green algae in Oldham Pond, treatment for Hydrilla plant growth in Hobomock Pond and copper sulfate treatment for blue green algae in Furnace Pond. He also secured funds for water management testing in Wampatuck Pond.



Substance abuse prevention

Rep. Cutler supported new laws to rein in prescription drug abuse and expand resources for opiate treatment.



Central Plymouth County water management

Rep. Cutler and his colleague Rep. Tom Calter helped secure $50,000 for the Central Plymouth Water District to address water management practices in Silver Lake by the City of Brockton.



Public Libraries

Rep. Cutler voted to restore funding for library aid line items in the state budget, which this year provided $52,301 in total to the Pembroke, Duxbury and Hanson libraries.



Veteran Services

Rep. Cutler supported the HOME Act to assist veterans with housing needs, expand tax abatements for vets & allow towns to establish a voluntary Veterans Assistance Fund.



GATRA service

Rep. Cutler voted to restore cuts to Regional Transit Authorities which helped GATRA provide an additional service route thru the Pembroke-Duxbury corridor to benefit our senior population.



Solar energy expansion

As a member of Energy Committee, Rep. Cutler helped draft new law to expand solar energy and ensure that residential customers continue to get favorable rates.



Public safety resources

Rep. Cutler successfully amended H. 4503 to earmark $50,000 in public safety funds for the town of Pembroke. Working with his Senate colleagues, he also helped secure funds for a regional mobile pumping apparatus for Duxbury to aid in flooding situations.



Lyme disease treatment

Rep. Cutler hosted a forum on Lyme Disease and successfully advocated and voted for changes to make insurance companies cover extended Lyme treatment.